Julie Cruz with published author in residency, Dede Rittman.  She is the author of “Grady Gets Glasses.”  Carnegie Library Pittsburgh Woods Run .

Our Story

 Read With Me! Pittsburgh started their learning sessions in 2016 in the community room at Carnegie Library  Pittsburgh -Woods Run on the Northshore.  The community room was a safe space for social service providers, and support staff to  gather with their clients and share books, stories and personal life experiences for enlightenment and growth, one-on-one support,  whole group learning and read aloud group activities. 


Read With Me Pittsburgh is a member of the One Northside Education Committee.

Functional illiteracy is defined as having math, reading, or language skills below a 4th grade level. At this level, people may struggle to read a bus schedule, medicine bottle or job application.

"I was completely drawn in by the presentation, and I could see that our students were as well."


-We strive to satisfy daily service notes and personal goals that  address: communication, cognition, comprehension, daily life skills, memorialization, self awareness and socialization.


-Our goal is to create workshops  that are educational, enlightening and nurturing to the mind, body and spirit for learners of all ages. 


 “Let us help  bridge the gap in literacy  and developmental learning.”



 Read With Me! PGH :


‪Contact us at:
Phone: (412) 573-9625
Email  : ReadWithMePittsburgh@gmail.com‬
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